The selection of personnel for managerial positions is a long and expensive process whose outcome always has an impact on the team and on company results.

To help recruiters and companies in this path Bacu™ has developed two complete and convenient tools: the certificate and the simulation.

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Resources for recruiters, headhunters, companies for personnel selection


Type - A Certificate

For candidates who have independently earned a Type - A Certificate with their license PRO will be simply scan the QR code or view the link associated with it.

This tool is free for recruiters, but if you prefer to bear the cost, it is possible to provide the candidate with a temporary or unlimited license (starting from € 7.99).

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Only 16.7% of users obtained a Type - A Certificate in 2021.
This tool is recommended for senior management positions.
In presence

Carry out the simulations on one or more physical locations of your company in presence.

The unlimited time license allows you to store up to 10 simulations at the same time.

For each simulation you can decide the initial parameters: 3 difficulty levels / targets , 4 areas and equity (€ 10-500K) .

A report will be generated dynamically.

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Carry out the simulations on one or more candidate workstations.

Provide candidates with temporary PRO licenses (valid for 1 month from activation).

It will be possible to carry out simulations during video conferences, face-to-face or deferred sessions.

A report will be generated dynamically.

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VAT included

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